Better Connected: Digital Inclusion

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The 'Better Connected: Digital Inclusion' theme aims to support the provision of quality digital literacy for all age groups across the county.

Interventions, outputs and outcomes

Capital and revenue expenditure in years one, two and three for digital inclusion
 Year Capital Revenue
 Year 2  £0  £230,400
 Year 3  £0  £280,320


  • W37: Interventions to increase levels of digital inclusion, with a focus on essential digital skills, communicating the benefits of getting (safely) online, and in-community support to provide users with the confidence and trust to stay online.
  • W42: Funding to support local digital skills.


Outputs for digital inclusion
 OutputsTarget (numerical value)
Number of people supported to access basic skills courses (W37)  60
Number of people supported to engage in life skills (numerical value) (W37, W42)  790
Number of people supported to gain a qualification (W37, W42)  240


Outcomes for digital inclusion
 OutcomesTarget (numerical value)
People gaining a qualification or completing a course following support (W37, W42)  270
People engaged in life skills support following interventions (W42)  550


The project for this theme is Increasing levels of digital inclusion and basic digital skills across Denbighshire.

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