Fees and charges for Adult Social Care

Adult Social Care fees and charges from April 2024.

Non-residential care and support
Type of care and supportCharge
Home care per hour £26.72
Night care per night (Sleep in) £81.90
Day centre: full day £62.00
Day centre: half day £31.00
Work opportunities: full day £62.00
Work opportunities: half day £31.00
Telecare per month £17.00
Hot meals per day £9.00

Residential and nursing care

The standard fee for Denbighshire Care Homes per week is £774.47.

Private and independent sector care homes
Type of care or supportCharge
Residential fee per week £774.47
Residential EMI fee per week £808.58
Nursing fee per week £851.81 (not including the Health Board contribution)
Nursing EMI fee per week £920.05 (not including the Health Board contribution)

Deferred charges

Interest rate
1 January 2024 3.43%
Other charges
Type of chargeCost
Start-up Costs £270
Annual administration charge £50
Closure Charge £40
Valuation Costs £250

These costs and charges are standard charges to cover the costs the Council incurs in setting up and operating the Deferred Payment Agreement and are meant to provide you with an indication of the costs involved.  These costs can either be paid as they are incurred or can be deferred as part of the Deferred payment.