Dementia: what the Council is doing

Denbighshire County Council Dementia Friendly Council Action Plan 2022/23

From 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2023, we have made the following commitments as part of our Dementia Friendly Council Action Plan. Many of the actions are already underway.

Aim 1: arts, culture, leisure and recreation

Actions for this aim include:

  • encourage staff in all teams and councillors to attend Dementia Friends sessions and encourage key staff to become Dementia Champions / Dementia Friends Ambassadors
  • provide links to an e-learning package for raising awareness of dementia for non-front-facing personnel
  • continue to identify gaps in knowledge and services related to dementia and work towards improved provision
  • invite people living with dementia to audit our premises and signage
  • expand our Community Arts sessions into schools and involve Countryside Services where appropriate
  • ensure we undertake to support inter-generational work highlighting dementia awareness (we will work remotely or with intermediate contacts if required)
  • influence county council policy in relation to supporting colleagues living with dementia or caring for people living with dementia
  • work with partners to align regional and local activities for dementia-friendly communities
  • work with partners and the third sector to provide better support for carers
  • re-engage with staff across the council who support family or friends, to find out what help or support they want and their preferred delivery channels
  • link with dementia related work of Social Care Wales
  • continue to make use of virtual resources and technology to develop better care provision
  • we will share new resources and reports as they are published to raise awareness within arts, leisure and cultural venues of the challenges facing people living with dementia

Aim 2: community / health and social care

As above, see the mechanisms in place, or planned for the near future. Additionally, we support community and health and social care via the following support:

  • information and guidance on our website
  • Community Resource Teams
  • resume Talking Points in Denbighshire libraries and other community settings
  • continue to provide training (with Health colleagues as appropriate), for example, dementia and hearing loss
  • working with the Ageing Well in Denbighshire forum and Age Connects to help to create an Age Friendly community
  • Community Equipment Stores (CESI)
  • fire safety checks in homes
  • Books on prescription and memory bags
  • help with wheelie bins
  • reduction in council tax for people living with dementia
  • working with Dementia Friendly Communities across Denbighshire.
  • inviting people living with dementia to inform us and influence changes in our culture

Ageing Well in Denbighshire: Summary Action Plan

The Ageing Well in Denbighshire Action Plan identifies what needs to be done and by whom, to make growing older in Denbighshire as good as it can be.

Information for Denbighshire County Council staff

Please remember to update your iTrent record whenever you complete training; this is the employee’s responsibility and ensures our records are accurate.

Employee Self Service (ESS) Guide (PDF, 1.01MB)

Training and awareness sessions are available from a variety of sources.