Extra care housing

Extra care housing gives you a balance between living at home and having on-site, dedicated care available if you need it.

You live in a self-contained property, not in a residential home, and you have your own front door, so you can decide who comes in. This means that you keep your independence.

There is also a dedicated care team on-site. If you have had a care needs assessment, you can get care and support from the on-site team. The type and amount of care you receive will change as your needs change over time.

Some more benefits of extra care housing are:

  • couples and friends can stay together
  • you keep your independence 
  • you can join in social activities 
  • you have control over your finances 
  • you have security and peace of mind
  • you have a home for life

There are four extra care housing schemes in Denbighshire:

If you would like to discuss extra care housing options, please contact our Single Point of Access Team, or contact the housing schemes directly using the links above.

The allocation process in Extra Care Housing can be found here:

If you would like more information or advice, you can visit a Talking Point or contact the Single Point of Access.