I've received notice from my Landlord

The type of notice will depend on the type of agreement you have. If your landlord wants you to leave, they must give you notice in a particular way. If you are in doubt about your rights, please contact the Homeless Prevention Team on Freephone 0300 456 1000 or Shelter Cymru (external website) on 01745 361444 for free information and advice.

My Landlord lives with me and I’ve been told to leave

People who share accommodation with their landlord have different rights to those who rent separate property. This means you are likely to be an excluded occupier if you are in any of these situations:

  • you share accommodation with your landlord
  • you live in the same building as your landlord and share accommodation with a member of your landlord's family
  • you are living in your accommodation for a holiday
  • you do not pay any rent for your accommodation

If you are an excluded occupier, you will have very few tenancy rights. It is important to remember how easy it is for your landlord to evict you. Because of that it might be difficult for you to get repairs done or resist rent increases. As an excluded occupier your only right is to stay until your landlord asks you to go, or for as long as your written agreement says. Your landlord can evict you by giving you reasonable notice and doesn't need a court order. Most authorities would ask your landlord between 14 and 28 days as reasonable notice.

My Landlord / Agent has told me via text / verbally that they are going to give me notice

If your landlord / agent has told you in person or via text they are going to issue you with notice this means you are not homeless or threatened with homelessness at present. Verbal notice or texting by a landlord / agent is not valid notice.

I've received a Section 21 Notice Requiring Possession

The majority of private rented tenancies are an Assured Shorthold Tenancy which means you can occupy the property for a minimum of 6 months and you cannot be lawfully evicted without a Court Order. A court cannot make an order for possession unless you have been issued with a valid Section 21 Notice. The notice cannot be backdated and must be at least two months.

Where to get help from?

You are strongly advised to contact the Homeless Prevention Team on 0300 456 1000 without delay in order to try and help prevent you from becoming homeless. In some circumstances, they may be able to get your notice revoked with some negotiation (e.g. if there are arrears, they could arrange to make a payment plan, or arrange for a support worker to assist with any financial problems that has resulted in notice being issued). Early intervention could also mean that court costs would not be passed on to you from your landlord.