Welcome to Denbighshire

Congratulations on your new role and in joining one of the best performing councils in Wales. We always strive to be the best and we are proud of the work we do and how we perform as a council. You will also find out about our Corporate Plan, and how we will all need to work together for the future of Denbighshire.

You will also find lots of information and key facts about being an employee at Denbighshire as well as links for you to discover more about the county.

Aims and values

We believe that the way people behave within the organisation towards each other, and to those that we come into contact with, is crucial to ensuring effective performance in the delivery of services.

Our aim

To be the high performing council, close to its community.

Our values

  • Pride: We aim to create a sense of pride in working for our organisation
  • Unity: We all work for the same organisation
  • Respect: We aim to treat all people equally and with fairness, understanding that there are views and beliefs that differ from our own
  • Integrity: We manage to manage ourselves to maximise performance, act with high standard of conduct and present a positive image of Denbighshire

Corporate Plan 2017-2022

Working together for the future of Denbighshire 2017-2022

The overall ambition of this Plan is to ensure that Denbighshire is a place where residents and businesses are well connected and resilient; where young people have opportunities for affordable housing and acquire skills and jobs to lead successful and fulfilling lives and where we all enjoy an attractive and protected environment.

Denbighshire County Council's Corporate Plan will see £135 million of investment in key areas aimed at benefiting the county.

Projects include building new council houses, investing in transport and digital infrastructure, protecting and enhancing the environment and supporting young people to achieve their potential.

So far more than 3,000 pupils have benefited from new school buildings, while thousands of trees have been planted as part of a plan to create green-havens in the county's towns.

As part of the Corporate Plan, which will run until 2022, other projects underway include flood defence work in Rhyl and extra support for those looking to find work or progress their careers.

Read our Corporate Plan and take a look at what projects we have been working on.