Guidance notes on how to complete a taxi driver licence application form

All applications to become a taxi driver must be made by means of a completed application form. These guidance notes explain further the main sections of the form. Failure to complete the form and produce the required documents will delay your application.

Complete the application form in capitals and in ink. Abbreviations or the use of tippex is not acceptable.


Section 1 - Application type

Please tick all boxes that are relevant.

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Section 2 - Licence Details – Renewal Applicants only

This section is intended for current drivers renewing their licence. Please provide the driver reference number and the date of expiry. This will be on your paper licence and driver badge.

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Sections 3 to 9 - Applicant

Please complete all sections. We are encouraging everyone to provide an up to date email address as this enables easier notification of renewals or events of interest / importance. Additionally, more of our core business is moving towards the use of electronic methods to apply for DBS and DVLA checks for which an email address is mandatory. Individuals can sign up for free email accounts through a number of service providers e.g. “gmail”; “Hotmail”; “icloud”, etc.

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Section 10 - Entitlement to work in the UK

Although this is a generic question for all applicants, it is a mandatory requirement for all new applicants to produce documentary evidence before an application can be processed. Current drivers renewing their applications need not provide further documentary as this process has already been undertaken in previous applications. Please refer to Guidance Note 1 enclosed.

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Section 11 – Convictions

Applicants will need to ensure they complete this section carefully as any failure to declare any information will lead to a delay in the determination of the application and could ultimately lead to refusal and / or prosecution.

When submitting an application for a licence to drive hackney carriages and private hire vehicles, you are required to declare ALL previous convictions, cautions or orders and any prosecutions pending against you. You must include any convictions imposed following a prosecution brought by any organisation, not just police.

Due to the nature of the occupation – taxi driver – the licensing authority is able to consider all convictions, whether spent or not.

An important part of a taxi driver’s application is the driving history. We recommend that all drivers refer to their DVLA driving record when completing this application and these records are available from (external website). In respect of motoring convictions, applicants should indicate all convictions showing as active on their record. Whilst this is normally up to 3 years from conviction, there are occasions where it can differ.

All applications will be considered in isolation on their own merits and understanding of an individual’s history in respect of convictions. This is an important aspect of determining whether an individual is a fit and proper person to hold a licence. Please refer to Guidance Note 2 relating to the Council’s Conviction Policy.

Records are held in strict confidence and are only used to determine your application. Unless there is a legal requirement to do so they are not divulged to any other source.

We cannot grant a licence to a person who has not held a full driving licence for at least 12 months at the date of their application.

Where necessary, where the space provided at 11a is not sufficient, you should continue on separate paper and attach it along with your application. Please put your name and date of birth at the top of the separate document.

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Section 12 – Pending Convictions or Cautions

This section is similar to Section 11 in terms of convictions held. However, it is asking applicants to list any pending convictions or cautions of any type from any organisation (including motoring). Applicants would be expected to know of pending cases against them.

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Section 13 – Change of Medical Circumstances (Renewal Applicants Only)

This section refers to current drivers looking to renew their licence. The licensing authority are seeking confirmation that the medical circumstances of applicants under 60 years of age and not due for a medical have not changed since their last licence was granted.

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Section 14 – Medical Fitness

This section applies to all applicants. The licensing authority needs to know whether there are any reasons why an applicant would think they might be unable to drive or assist passengers. Applicants will be aware that there is a duty placed on them to assist disabled users as appropriate or help passengers with luggage. Applicants should use this section to outline, for example, the reasons why they would be unable to provide this assistance. Applicants should note that they may be required to provide supporting evidence from their doctor.

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Section 15 – Other Licences

Please tell us if you hold a licence to drive a taxi in any other authority.

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Section 16 – Refused, Revoked or Suspended Licences

Applicants should declare if they have previously had a licence suspended or revoked, or whether an application has been refused by any other authority. Should this be the case, you will need to provide the date of revocation or suspension as well as the name of the authority. Information provided here may not automatically preclude you from being granted a licence as all applications are considered on their own merits.

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Section 17 – Operator Details

Where relevant, applicants should indicate their current or prospective employer. This helps the authority reach you when we cannot do so using the details you have given us or in the event of an emergency.

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Section 18 – School Transport

Applicants should indicate whether they intend to carry out school transport work in Denbighshire. This will enable us to share some limited information with colleagues dealing with school transport in Denbighshire but applicants should note that completing this section does not authorise them for school transport work. The Passenger Transport section will administer all applications for such work and they can be contacted on 01824 706994.

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Section 19 – Enclosures

  • Applicants should indicate that they have paid the required fee. You may pay by cash or cheque at a One-Stop Shop (located in libraries) prior to submitting the application. Please provide us with your receipt number and date of payment if you have paid by this method. Alternatively, you can ring Customer Services on 01824 706000 and ask to make a payment for Licensing (wait for an operator after the options), providing the correct cost code (please ask Licensing for this) and your name as a reference. Please provide us with your receipt number and date of payment if you have paid by this method
  • One colour passport sized photograph, taken against a contrasting background which must clearly resemble the applicant. Your photograph will be scanned and destroyed or returned to you if you prefer
  • Current, valid photo card driving licence showing your correct address
  • Applicants must apply for a DVLA check through TaxiPlus. Applicants should take care when completing details as errors will result in a delay in the application process.
  • All new applicants must produce evidence of their right to work in the UK. Please refer to Guidance Note 1 for details of the documents accepted as evidence
  • A medical certificate issued by the applicant’s own medical practitioner showing that they are medically fit to undertake the duties involved in driving a Hackney Carriage or Private Hire Vehicle
  • Any applicant not residing in the UK for the last 5 years will be required to obtain a Certificate of Good Conduct issued by the relevant authority for the non UK country. This is the responsibility of the applicant.

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Section 20 – Declarations

Applicants must tick the relevant boxes and in so doing are declaring that they:-

  • Have read and understood the requirements in respect of declaring convictions - please refer to Guidance Note 2 relating to the Council’s Conviction Policy
  • Have read and understood the conditions of licensing. Copies of these documents are available online. A paper version is not provided until application is accepted and in time for the knowledge test
  • Understand that they should not drive until a licence has been granted.
  • Have not lived in any country other than the UK for a period of one year or more in the last 5 years. Where applicants are unable to meet this requirement they will need to submit a Certificate of Good Conduct
  • Have applied for a DBS certificate and understand that any licence cannot be granted until a DBS certificate has been provided to the licensing authority. Applicants should note that it is their responsibility to make contact with the licensing section when they have received their certificate and they will be given further guidance on the process. Applicants should refer to the separate guidance on completing the online DBS application process

The details and answers you have provided must be true, complete and correct. If it subsequently transpires, after granting of a licence, that you have omitted any material details or given false information, you may be prosecuted and / or have your licence suspended or revoked.

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Section 21 - Signature

Applicants should carefully read the section on what happens to your information and the declarations associated with the application. Applicants will, by signing the form, be declaring that they have provided all the relevant information and that it is true. They are further giving permission for the authority to request any information they believe is relevant to determine the application. Please note that the organisations listed are not a definitive list and it may be extended dependant on circumstances.

Please sign, print your name, and date the application form.