Mobile home licensing

The Mobile Homes Act (2013) came into force on 1st of October 2014. The changes are to ensure that conditions on mobile home sites are improved and that the rights of mobile home residents are better protected.

How to register?

All mobile homes sites must have a site licence issued by the local authority on a park with relevant planning permission.

Find out more about obtaining relevant planning permission.

There are also statutory forms that need to be completed before owners can sell mobile homes, change the pitching fees and amend any site rules.

Guidance and forms about buying, selling or living in a mobile home can be found on the Welsh Government website (external website).

How much would it cost?

The new legislation gives local authorities the powers to set fees for licensing mobile homes sites. The cost of the licensing differs from the size of the site. All the information about the policies and the charging schemes for mobile home sites can be found within the annual review of fees and charges.

Fees and charges policy for licensing of mobile home sites (PDF, 33KB)