Planning appeals

You can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate Wales if your planning application has been refused. Only the person who made the application can appeal.

You can appeal if we:

  • refuse your application
  • grant planning permission but with conditions you object to
  • refuse to change or remove a condition of planning permission that has been granted with conditions
  • refuse to approve something reserved under an ‘outline permission’ - planning permission for a general idea, not of a specific plan
  • refuse to approve something that you were told to build by the Council as part of a previous planning permission (ie the previous planning permission was granted ‘with conditions’ and the current development was one of the conditions)
  • do not make a decision on the application within the deadline and don't get your written consent to change the deadline

Make an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate (external website)

You can appeal if we serve you with an enforcement notice which you disagree with.

Find out how to appeal against an enforcement notice.

When should I make an appeal?

The deadline for submitting an appeal can be found in the Special Notes to Applicant on your decision notice, or alternatively please refer to Section 12 of the Development Management Manual (external website).

Who makes the decision about the appeal?

Appeals are considered by a planning inspector, appointed by the Secretary of State in England or, in Wales, by Welsh Government. Most are handled in writing. Some are decided by a hearing before an inspector. A few are decided after a public inquiry.