Housing Strategy 2016-2021

Denbighshire's Housing Strategy has been developed around the vision of "Everyone is supported with pride to live in homes that meet their needs, within the vibrant and sustainable communities Denbighshire aspires to".

To deliver this vision the Strategy has been devised under 5 themes, all of which are interlinked:

  • More homes to meet local need and demand
  • Creating a supply of affordable homes
  • Ensuring safe and healthy homes
  • Homes and support for vulnerable people
  • Promoting and supporting communities

Increasing the housing supply across Wales is an issue Welsh Government are keen to address and is reflected in Denbighshire's Corporate Plan 2012 - 2017 with the priority 'Ensuring access to good quality housing'. Research indicates that Denbighshire, in line with the rest of Wales, has a shortage of new build development; affordable homes; homes for older people and homes for vulnerable adults. Denbighshire aims to address this shortfall through a range of measures.

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