What do I do with stoma bags, catheters, colostomy?

A dedicated collection service will be available from June 2024.

NHS advises that to safely and hygienically dispose of colostomy or stoma bags, you empty the bag of its contents down the toilet.

Then wrap, and place in the appropriate container for your recycling and waste collections service or at a Recycling and Waste Park:

Trolibocs service

Bag service

Communal bin service


Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP)

From June 2024, we're introducing a free, countywide collection service for your absorbent hygiene products, including disposable nappies and other AHPs.

If you register for this new service, we’ll collect this waste from you every week.

More information

The household recycling and waste services are only for residents of Denbighshire.

Businesses, charities and public sector organisations have the option of using our trade waste services or a private licensed waste management contractor.

Find out more, including what trade waste services we offer.