What do I do with junk mail?

Junk mail can be recycled in your blue mixed recycling bin or clear recycling sacks.

Please make sure free gifts such as pens are removed from junk mail before it is placed in the recycling container.

Envelopes with plastic windows can also be recycled.

Did you know that the quality of recycling can be improved if plastic windows are removed/partially removed by the householder? This is beneficial to the environment.

Blue mixed recycling bin

Blue mixed recycling bin.

Clear Recycling Sack

Clear recycling sacks.

Plastic envelopes

Remove any plastic envelopes first and place in your black general waste bin or pink sacks.

Black General Waste Bin

Black general waste bin.

Pink Sack

Pink sacks.

You can reduce the amount of junk mail you receive by registering (for free) with the Mail Preference Service (external website).

You may need to update/refresh your requirements every few months to optimise this service.