Fairer, Safe and More Equal: Community Safety

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The 'Fairer, Safe and More Equal: Community Safety' theme aims to support our communities to feel safer and promote diversity and community togetherness. 

Interventions, outputs and outcomes

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Capital and revenue expenditure in years one, two and three for community safety
 Year Capital Revenue
 Year 2  £0  £0
 Year 3  £1,632,000  £384,000


W5: Design and management of the built and landscaped environment to 'design out crime'.


Outputs for community safety
 OutputsTarget (numerical value)
Amount of public realm created or improved (m2) (W5)  8,200
Number of neighbourhood improvements undertaken (W5)  158


Outcomes for community safety
 Outcomes Target
Increased footfall (W5) Target not currently set
Increased use of cycle ways or foot paths (W5) Target not currently set
Improved perception of safety (W5) Target not currently set
Neighbourhood crimes (W5) Target not currently set


The projects for this theme are:

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