School admissions

Information about applying for a school place in Denbighshire.

Welsh medium education

There's never been a better time to learn Welsh. The Welsh Government has a long-term vision to see the Welsh language thriving, with a million people able to speak Welsh by 2050.

Learning and using the Welsh language offers an educational, cultural and employment advantage.

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Services and information

Nursery places

How to apply for a year nursery place.

Reception places

How to apply for a reception place.

Junior (year 3) places

How to apply for a Junior (year 3) place at a school.

Secondary school places

How to apply for a year 7 place at a secondary school.

Transfer schools

How to apply to transfer from one school to another during the year.

School ages

Find out what age children start nursery, reception, junior and secondary schools.

Find a school

View details of schools in Denbighshire.

Support for newcomers

Find out about the support for learners (newcomers) in year 3, 4, 5 and 6 who have not previously received Welsh medium education.

Secondary immersion scheme

Get information about the scheme that helps learners who have not received Welsh primary education, to receive secondary education through the medium of Welsh.