Air quality

Not all air pollution is obvious and even though air quality in the UK is generally good, we are always looking to reduce the harmful effects of air pollution.

Air quality

We participate in the UK nitrogen dioxide (NO2) diffusion tube survey. This involves the monitoring of NO2 through passive diffusion tubes at two sites in the Rhyl area. Passive diffusion tubes are also used to monitor NO2 in various locations throughout Denbighshire.

NO2 is a gas produced by the reaction of Nitrogen and Oxygen in combustion processes and in Denbighshire, the main source of NO2 is from the motor car.

Exposure to elevated levels of NO2 can lead to impaired lung function and restriction of airways in people already suffering with respiratory disease. Find out more about air quality (external website).

Air Quality Progress Reports

We regularly review and assess air quality in Denbighshire, to determine whether or not we are likely to meet all our air quality objectives, and we produce progress reports which show our findings.

Smoke Control

We do not have any smoke control zones, so it is still possible to have a coal fire in Denbighshire.

Bonfire smoke

We have no bylaws controlling the permitted times of domestic bonfires, but in some situations we can be contacted to deal with excessive or frequent bonfires affecting residential areas. However, the legislation is not intended to prevent the occasional, small, traditional garden fire. 

We recommend that residents use other ways to dispose of garden waste such as composting or using one of our recycling and waste parks.

Industrial smoke

It is an offence for dark smoke to be emitted from any industrial or trade premises and the penalty for being found guilty of an offence under this legislation is a fine of up to £20,000. 

The disposal of waste is also regulated by the Environment Agency and the disposal of waste by bonfires on site is prohibited. We strongly recommend that all industrial / trade waste is removed to a properly licensed waste disposal site.

Report smoke nuisance


We can take action in cases where odour/fumes from commercial/industrial premises interfere in the use and enjoyment of a person’s property.

Find out more about odour nuisance (external website).

Report odour nuisance