Recycling and Waste Parks

We have five permanent Recycling and Waste Parks that residents can use for their domestic waste.

We also have a Dee Valley residents' Pop-up Recycling Service that operates on the first four Saturday mornings of every month, alternating between Corwen and Llangollen. If you are a Denbighshire resident, and live in the Dee Valley you may access this service.

You'll need to book an appointment before visiting a Recycling and Waste Park.

Find out how to book a space at a Recycling and Waste Park

Recycling and Waste Parks available to Denbighshire and Conwy residents

You will need to provide proof (on arrival) that you are a Denbighshire or Conwy resident (e.g. drivers licence or utility bill) to use these Recycling Parks and must have a Denbighshire or Conwy domestic address to book your visit.


You will need a permit for our Recycling and Waste Parks if you are bringing waste in a trailer with more than one axle or using a commercial-type vehicle.

Only waste from households is allowed to be brought to the sites.

Apply for or renew a Van Ban permit

Items that cannot be recycled kerb side

There are many recyclable items which cannot be recycled on your weekly kerbside collection service, but can be recycled locally.

All packaging materials should have on-pack recycling labels. Packaging labels and recycling symbols are now appearing on lots of everyday items, and help us to identify how different types of packaging can be recycled.

More information on recycling labels (external website)

Other items that can be recycled but not through kerbside collections (e.g. plastic bags) usually have local collection points.

Find out where other items can be taken to be recycled (external website)