Garden waste collections

Coronavirus update

Garden waste collections will contine during the ‘firebreak’ lockdown for people with a garden waste collections subscription.

Due to increased demand for the garden waste service following the Coronavirus suspension, there is currently a short delay of 3 to 4 weeks in delivering garden waste bins.

Please be aware of this when taking out a new subscription or renewing when you need a green wheelie-bin to be delivered.

Latest news about our services and advice on the Coronavirus.

We can collect your garden waste fortnightly for an annual fee. 

How to arrange garden waste collections

Sign up and pay for garden waste collections online

Renew your subscription

You can renew your subscription up to 12 weeks before your subscription ends. If you're not sure when your subscription ends, you can use the renewal form to find out when you can renew.

Renew or find out when you can renew your subscription online

Upgrading your subscription

If you have signed up for one 140L green wheelie bin or three dumpy sacks collections, you can upgrade your subscription to two 140L green wheelie bins or six dumpy sacks collections for £12.00. Upgrading will not extend your subscription - this will end 12 months from the date of your first collection on your original 1 wheelie bin or 3 sacks subscription.

Upgrade your garden waste subscription online

Alternatively, you can go to a One Stop Shop or phone 01824 706000 to arrange garden waste collections.

What happens after I have arranged collections?

We will arrange to collect your garden waste for 12 months from the date of your first collection. We'll send you the following within 10 working days:

  • unique identification label for your green bin(s) or a tag for green dumpy sacks
  • a calendar showing your collection days
  • any additional containers (if necessary)

Please take care of your label as an administrative fee of £10.00 will be charged for a replacement.

How much does it cost?

The cost for our garden waste collection service depends on the amount of containers you use and how you subscribe - it's cheaper if you subscribe online:

Garden waste costs
ContainersCost when subscribing onlineCost when subscribing any other way
One 140L green wheelie bin or three dumpy sacks £24.00 £27.00
Two 140L green wheelie bins or six dumpy sacks £36.00 £39.00
Keep your 240L / 360L green wheelie bin* £36.00 £39.00

The type of container (wheelie bin or dumpy sacks) you use, depends on what you currently use on the x2 service.

*This option is only available to customers who already have the 240/360 litre wheelie bin - we will not be distributing anymore 240/360 litre wheelie bins. Any breakages will be replaced with 2 X 140 litre wheelie bins.

More information

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Garden waste that can be collected

Garden waste that can be collected

The following garden waste goes in your green wheelie bin or green dumpy sack:

  • grass cuttings
  • garden prunings
  • branches and twigs
  • leaves
  • bark
  • flowers
  • bark wood and shavings
  • plants

We will not empty green dumpy bags or green bins which contain; soil, general household rubbish or food products.

Other ways to dispose of garden waste

Other ways to dispose of garden waste

You can use our recycling and waste parks free of charge. Find out more about our recycling and waste parks.

Some garden wastes can be shredded and returned to the soil as a mulch or composted at home either on a traditional compost heap or a home composter. Find out about the home composter available from us.

Can I put garden waste in my black bin?

Can I put garden waste in my black bin?

No. We will not empty any black bin or refuse sack that contains garden waste. Garden waste must be placed in either the green wheelie bin or green dumpy sack. If garden waste is found in any other container, it will result in a formal notice being served and possible further enforcement action being taken.

Customers on weekly pink and clear sack collections

Customers on weekly pink and clear sack collections

Unfortunately, the new garden waste collection service is unavailable to customers on weekly pink and clear sack collections. If you are on these collections, please do not sign up for the garden waste collections. We will be reviewing this and will let you know if this changes.

Don’t I already pay for my garden waste collection in my Council Tax?

Don’t I already pay for my garden waste collection in my Council Tax?

No. Councils are not obliged to provide householders free collection of their garden waste although they do have a duty to dispose of household waste free of charge. The law gives Councils the discretion to make a reasonable charge for the collection of household garden waste in the same way that charges can be made for bulky waste collection.