Gambling permits

You will need a gambling permit to have gaming machines at your premises. The type of permit you need depends on the number and type of gaming machines you want to have at your premises.

We are responsible for issuing gambling permits for: 

  • alcohol-licensed premises (gaming machine permits) 
  • unlicensed family entertainment centres (gaming machine permits) 
  • prize gaming 
  • clubs (club gaming permits and club machine permits)

Find out more about the different types of permits (external website).

We recommend you read through our Statement of Gambling Policy.

Statement of Gambling Policy (PDF, 711KB)

How do I apply?

Download an application form. 

Send your completed application form, along with a cheque for the appropriate fee, to:

Licensing Team
Denbighshire County Council
Smithfield Road
LL16 3RJ

The type of permit you need will depend on the type of machines you have. Find out more about the different categories of machines (external website).

Gaming machine permits

If you have a licensed premises and you plan to have two gaming machines of category C or D, you must notify the council. You can use this form to notify us:

Notification of 2 or less gaming machines or gaming machine permit application (PDF, 175KB)

If you become the licensee of an existing licensed premise you must still notify the council. There is a one off fee for each notification.

You must apply for a licensed premise gaming machine permit if you would like to have more than two machines.

Club gaming permits and club machine permits

A club gaming permit allows up to three gaming machines made up of category B4, C or D gaming machines, plus equal chance prize gaming.

A club machine permit allows up to three gaming machines made up of category B4, C and D gaming machines, but no other form of gaming.

How much does it cost?

The fees for gambling permits vary according to the type of permit. Please check the fees list to see how much you are likely to be charged.

Gambling licence fees (PDF, 72KB)

How can I pay?

Payment can be made by card over the phone to customer services (01824 706000). Payment by cheque or cash is only available at one of Denbighshire’s One Stop Shops. Please contact us for the appropriate reference number before attempting to pay. Failing to provide the appropriate reference number may delay your application.