Replacement Local Development - Overview

The planning system in Wales is plan led. National policy sets out requirements for Local Authorities and National Park Authorities to develop Local Development Plans (LDPs). The Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004 requires these LDPs to be monitored annually and reviewed every four years.

Local Development Plan (LDP): Covid-19 update

General Update

This information is to provide an update on current progress with the Denbighshire Replacement Local Development Plan (LDP) 2018-2033. Unfortunately delays have been experienced due to the Coronavirus pandemic but work has continued in the background whenever possible. In the past 2 years there have also been a number of new requirements that the LDP has to meet including changes in National Policy and Guidance and updates are required to some of the evidence base previously prepared. This includes a revised Technical Advice Note (TAN) on flood risk which requires an update to our Strategic Flood Consequences Assessment. The LDP Strategy and work on sites cannot be progressed until this is completed.  Work is currently underway to meet these challenges. The delivery agreement which sets out the timetable and consultation arrangements for the replacement LDP will need to be revised and it is anticipated that this will happen in summer 2022.

Welsh Government 'Future Wales - The National Plan 2040' and Denbighshire County Council 'Local Development Plan 2006 - 2021' constitute the development plan for the County until the replacement LDP is adopted by the local planning authority. All planning applications are assessed against development plan policies as well as planning policies as set out in Planning Policy Wales Edition 11.

Candidate Sites

Forthcoming changes to national policy and guidance have direct impacts on the assessment on candidate sites. It is appreciated that everyone is keen to see the results of site assessments but due to the on-going work, reporting on candidate sites assessments will not take place until summer 2022 at the earliest. All of the candidate sites will be reported on together and updates on individual sites prior to the formal reporting will not be provided.

Denbighshire is preparing a new LDP. A Review Report on the existing Adopted LDP recommended preparing a further LDP. The adopted LDP expires in December 2021. A timetable for delivering the forthcoming LDP has been agreed with Welsh Government and this is included in the Delivery Agreement.

Plan Preparation Stages Reached to Date

LDP 2006-2021 Review Report

Denbighshire County Council approved the Local Development Plan Review Report for submission to Welsh Government at the meeting on 5th December 2017. The Review Report provides an assessment of the performance of the current LDP and highlights the need for a replacement plan. 

Replacement Local Development Plan: Review report (PDF, 4.68MB)

Delivery Agreement

The Delivery Agreement, which will guide the production of a new Local Development Plan, was agreed by Welsh Government on 22nd May 2018. 

Replacement Local Development Plan: Delivery agreement (PDF, 914KB)

Candidate Sites Register

Submissions of sites from landowners, developers and the public were invited between 6 August and 26 November 2018. 203 sites have been submitted and they are available for consideration as part of the consultation process on the Preferred Strategy.

The Candidate Sites Register contains individual site maps of 203 submitted sites. The individual maps are grouped to the nearest settlement and can be viewed by clicking Candidate Sites.

Preferred Strategy (Pre-Deposit)

The high level strategy and key policies are contained within the Preferred Strategy. It sets out the preferred level of growth in terms of housing and employment and how that level of growth will be spatially distributed throughout Denbighshire. Key policies are designed to guide development and ensure that the social, economic and environmental needs of the county are met. 

The Preferred Strategy is currently in a draft format. It has been prepared following consultation with members and key stakeholders. It was open for public consultation between 8 July 2019 and 30 August 2019. The comments received are now being reviewed and will be reported to Council before finalisation of the Preferred Strategy.

The Pre-Deposit documents and background evidence are available to view by clicking Preferred Strategy / Pre-Deposit.

Later Plan Stages


  • The plan will include detailed policies and specific land allocations.
  • Anticipated available for public consultation in Spring 2020.

Submission to Welsh Government

  • Anticipated Autumn 2020


  • Anticipated Autumn 2020 to Autumn 2021


  • Anticipated Autumn 2021