Replacement Local Development Plan: Preferred Strategy / Pre Deposit Stage

The Pre-Deposit stage of developing a plan, is the 1st formal stage at which the public can submit their views. Consultation occurred between 8th July 2019 and 30th August 2019.

The documents that were available for consultation were the Draft Preferred Strategy, Sustainability Appraisal and Habitats Regulations Appraisal.

Local Development Plan (LDP): Covid-19 update

We are working to progress background technical evidence for Denbighshire’s Replacement LDP, but the current Covid-19 crisis is impacting decision-making, public engagement and fieldwork, so we will have to revise the timetable for the Replacement LDP set out in our Delivery Agreement

We will revise the Delivery Agreement when we know more about the restrictions being lifted.

Pre-Deposit Documents

Responses were welcomed on:

Candidate sites

Preferred Strategy / Pre-Deposit Background Papers

These documents were used to develop the Preferred Strategy and are provided for information purposes.

Background Evidence

These documents form the evidence base for the Preferred Strategy and are provided for information purposes.

What next?

All responses will be considered and will inform the development of the ‘Deposit LDP’. The Deposit LDP is a full draft of the Local Development Plan and will contain all local policies and site allocations.

It is anticipated that the Deposit LDP will be published for public consultation in Spring 2020.

Information on later stages is provided on the Replacement Local Development Plan - Overview.