Planning compliance charter: contents and foreword

Unauthorised Gypsy/Traveller site between Llandegla and Bwlchgwyn

The Council has served a planning Enforcement Notice in relation to the above site, and we continue to receive a high volume of queries about the case. In response, we are providing updates about the case here.

The current status of the case is as follows:

An Enforcement Notice has been issued to require the restoration of the site to its prior, authorised state. The period for compliance with the Notice elapsed on the 6th May 2021, but its recipients have not complied with the requirements of the Notice. The Council has therefore carried out a partial clearance of the site. The Council is actively considering what further steps we can take to enforce compliance. We have obtained independent legal advice to ensure that our next steps are compliant with the law.

This status was reviewed on the 29 April 2022 and is reviewed regularly. A further status update will be provided in due course.

Unauthorised Gypsy/Traveller site between Llandegla and Bwlchgwyn: Frequently Asked Questions

Further information about how the Council deals with alleged planning breaches is provided in our planning compliance charter.



As the Lead Member for Planning, Public Protection, Safer Communities and Domestic Abuse, I welcome the production and use of this very useful charter. This has been developed in consultation with our many City, Town and Community Councils across the County and aims to guide those involved in the planning compliance process. It is vitally important that the Council continues to take a proportionate approach to regulation, aiming to balance environmental protection with business support and growth. This charter provides helpful advice to those making complaints about potential breaches of planning control and to those who may have breached planning control. The planning compliance process is a complex and often time-consuming one. I hope that this charter guides those involved and manages expectations of the Council’s role therein.

Councillor Mark Young

Councillor Mark Young, April 2022