Discretionary Housing Payments

Discretionary Housing Payments are intended to help people with ongoing rent costs, deposits and/or removals.

Who would qualify?

Discretionary Housing Payments can only be paid to people suffering exceptional hardship or with exceptional circumstances. The following must also apply: 

  • The claimant must be entitled to Housing Benefit or Housing Costs through Universal Credit
  • They must require further help with housing costs
  • The Council must have sufficient funds available to cover the cost

We cannot make a payment for:

  • Service charges
  • Charges for water or sewerage services
  • Rent where you only qualify for council tax reduction
  • To cover any shortfall in Housing Benefit due to an overpayment being recovered

How are payments made?

Payments awarded to help with rent can be paid either to you or your landlord. 

Payments awarded towards a deposit or removals costs are paid directly to the landlord or to the removals company.

How to apply

You can apply for a Discretionary Housing Payment for ongoing rent costs or for a deposit and/or removal costs online. 

Ongoing rent costs 

You can apply for help with your ongoing rent online.

Apply for help with your ongoing rent online

Deposit or removal costs

You can apply for help with a deposit or removal costs online. 

Apply for help with a deposit or removal costs online