Adult carers

Information and support available for adult carers. 

What is an adult carer?

Adult carers are people over the age of 18, who provide unpaid care to anyone with health or social care needs such as;

  • illness
  • being frail
  • disability
  • mental health issues
  • substance misuse problems 

Carers under the age of 18, are classed as young carers. Find out more about young carers.

Tell your GP and employer

It’s important that you tell your GP and your employer that you are a carer, and ask them to make a note of this on their records. This is important in the event of an emergencyFind out more about planning for an emergency (external website)


There is financial support and help to take a break from caring available for adult carers.

Carer's Allowance and financial help

The financial help available depends on a number of circumstances.

Find out more about Carer's Allowance and financial help available (external website)

Carer's needs assessment

You can get a carer’s needs assessment to find out find out what your needs are and what services can be provided to support you.

Find out how to get a carer's needs assessment

Balancing work and caring

If you are working, balancing your caring role with a job can be difficult.

Find out more about balancing work and caring (external website)

Telecare equipment

Telecare equipment helps people call for help when you are not available. 

Find out more about Telecare equipment