Who are we? 

Meet the team

Chief Executive: Graham Boase

Graham Boase

The Chief Executive is responsible for:

  • The overall management of the council
  • Making sure that all the council's policies are put into action
  • Represents the council through contact with the media, and provides a link between the council and other organisations
Council Leader: Jason McLellan

Council Leader: Jason McLellan

The purpose of the Leader is to provide effective political leadership and strategic direction and to act as the political spokesperson for the council.


Cabinet is made up of 9 councillors, including the leader and the deputy leader. Cabinet meet every six weeks to determine policy and make decisions on how services are provided in Denbighshire.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) consists of the Heads of Service. SLT is responsible for:

  • Quarterly monitoring and intervention of Corporate Plan targets;
  • Forward planning for the Council, Cabinet and Scrutiny committees;
  • Agreeing policies, strategies and changes to business plans, and
  • Sharing good practice, problem-solving and working with Elected Members.

Graham Boase

Chief Executive: Graham Boase

Nicola Stubbins

Nicola Stubbins: Corporate Director: Social Services & Education

Tony Ward

Tony Ward: Corporate Director: Economy and Environment

Gary Williams

Gary Williams: Corporate Director: Governance and Business

Liz Thomas

Liz Thomas: Head of Finance & Audit / Section 151 Officer

Emlyn Jones

Emlyn Jones: Head of Planning, Public Protection and Countryside Service

Rhiain Morrlle

Rhiain Morrlle: Head of Children's Service

Geraint Davies

Geraint Davies: Head of Education Service

Liz Grieve

Liz Grieve: Head of Housing & Communities Service

Ann Lloyd

Ann Lloyd: Head of Adult Social Care & Homelessness Service

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson: Head of Highways and Environmental Service

Catrin Roberts

Catrin Roberts: Head of Corporate Support Service: People

Helen Vaughan-Evans

Helen Vaughan-Evans: Head of Corporate Support Service: Performance, Digital & Assets

Jamie Groves

Jamie Groves: Denbighshire Leisure Ltd - Managing Director

Staff Communication

Staff communication is vital for us to be able to work successfully and deliver our Corporate Plan. We engage and consult with our communities on a regular basis and we do the same with our staff. Take a look at some of the ways in which we communicate.

Staff Council

The purpose of the Staff Council is to provide an effective communication link between staff and the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) of the council.

Staff Survey

Every 2 years a staff survey is conducted to gain a valuable insight about what you think about the Council as an employer, your role within the organisation and your thoughts on issues such as communication, training and personal development.

A copy of the Staff Survey can be accessed via LINC. If you do not have access to LINC, please ask your line manager for a copy of the survey.


A dedicated intranet site for all staff to access which will have all the information that you may need as an employee. It will also direct you to other relevant sites.

Other communications

There are other ways in which we communicate with our staff, and these may be through emails, meetings, newsletters, staff away days and conferences.

About the Council

Now that you have been successful in gaining a position with us in Denbighshire, you will need to know more about the council and how we fulfil the Corporate Plan.

Organisational Chart (PDF, 605KB)