What do I do with e-cigarettes or vapes?

E-cigarettes or vapes can contain batteries and POPs (persistent organic pollutants). They can be recycled but, because they contain batteries, they should not be put in your blue mixed recycling bin or clear recycling sacks.

E-cigarettes or vapes of any type must not be placed in any of your waste containers due to fire risk in your bin, our waste collection vehicles or at the waste treatment facility.

E-cigarettes or vapes are harmful to the environment and must be recycled by specialist companies. Many e-cigarette or vape retailers provide free recycling facilities. Please take them with you when you travel to these outlets to dispose of them safely.

Alternatively, they can be recycled as small WEEE (waste electrical and electronic equipment) at your nearest Recycling Park.

Search for the nearest place you can recycle your used e-cigarettes or vapes at Recycle Your Electricals (external website).