A Denbighshire of quality housing that meets people's needs


What we want

Ensure sufficient good quality housing is available, meeting the needs of all Denbighshire residents.

What we aim to do:

  1. Ensure that there is quality housing that meets the needs of vulnerable people, assisting them to lead independent lives in appropriate accommodation for as long as possible.
  2. Prevent homelessness, and ensure that any instances of it are rare, brief, and unrepeated. This includes young care leavers.*
  3. Upgrade the council housing stock to ensure it is:
    • Safe, secure, and well-maintained.
    • Where possible, suitable for the needs of residents, for example, those with disabilities.*
    • Energy efficient and well-insulated.
  4. Deliver more homes to meet local need and demand, including:
    • 300 affordable homes subject to the availability of Welsh Government funding
    • 35 specialist homes through Extra Care Schemes.
    • 170 council homes subject to the availability of Welsh Government funding
    • Working to minimise the number of empty homes in Denbighshire
  5. Ensure that our residents are informed about available housing options and routes to housing, seeking also to reduce the Single Access Route To Housing (SARTH) waiting list. This includes engaging with those already living in council houses, and those on low incomes.

* Equality Objectives.