A well-run, high performing council


What we want

To be a council that is fair, transparent, performs well, represents value for money, and gives consistently good customer service. The council wants to be creative, brave, ambitious, outward-looking, and an excellent employer, backed by strong governance and assurance. The Welsh language will also be a living, thriving language within the council.

What we aim to do:

  1. Embed a positive “one council” culture by:
    • Placing our values of integrity, respect, unity, and pride at the heart of everything that we do.
    • Being close to our communities, encouraging community leadership and resilience, and by ensuring we provide consistently good customer service.
    • Improve our services through meaningful promotion, engagement and communication with the public, City, Town and Community councils, and partners.*
    • Have clear performance expectations by promoting a strong culture around performance management, and by being accountable, realistic, open, and honest about how we are performing as a council.
    • Promoting good communication and close working relationships between elected members and officers.
    • Ensuring Denbighshire County Council is a good employer and is an excellent place to work.
  2. Reduce inequalities by ensuring that the experiences of people from diverse backgrounds, seldom heard groups, and those at a socio-economic disadvantage are heard and inform decision making.*
  3. Play our part in achieving one million Welsh Speakers in Wales by 2050, by building a culture and ethos that encourages the daily use of Welsh by elected members and council staff, providing training and social opportunities to improve their confidence in using the language.
  4. Working collaboratively to alleviate problems with recruitment and retention.

*Equality Objectives.