A well-run, high performing council

What we want

To be a council that is fair, transparent, performs well, represents value for money, and gives consistently good customer service. The council wants to be creative, brave, ambitious, outward-looking, and an excellent employer, backed by strong governance and assurance.

What we aim to do:

  1. Embed a positive culture of ambition, transparency and continuous improvement by:
    • Being a ‘learning’ organisation that uses feedback and lessons-learned to drive organisational improvement.
    • Fostering a culture that welcomes fair and appropriate challenge.
    • Instilling the values of integrity, respect, unity and pride in everything that we do.
  2. Be close to our communities by:
    • Improving our systems and processes so that all our customers experience reliable and consistently good customer service.
    • Improving our services through meaningful promotion, engagement and communication with the public, City, Town and Community councils, and partners.*
    • Working in partnership to support an economy that promotes fair work, justice and socially responsible public procurement, benefitting the local supply chain.*
  3. Have clear performance expectations by:
    • Promoting a strong culture around performance management, and being transparent in how we are performing as a council.
    • Ensuring that we exercise our seven core governance functions effectively, and are using resources efficiently. These functions cover corporate planning, financial planning, performance management, risk management, workforce planning, assets and procurement.
    • Working constructively with our regulators and ombudsmen.
    • Ensuring value for money is embedded within our organisational culture, and that decisions are balanced by considering service quality and social value.
  4. Promote strong staff and elected member relations by:
    • Maintaining effective governance that allows for strong decision making.
    • Working together to ensure that elected member and staff codes of conduct are met.
  5. Ensure Denbighshire County Council is a good employer and is an excellent place to work by:
    • Delivering and embedding the staff well-being policy.
    • Supporting training and workforce development.
    • Promoting fairness, equality and diversity.*
    • Working collaboratively to alleviate problems with recruitment and retention.

*Equality Objectives.