A prosperous Denbighshire

What we want

Support economic recovery, capitalising on opportunities to enable residents to access decent employment and income. We want to use economic growth as a driver to reduce inequality and poverty. 

What we aim to do:

  1. Work collaboratively with communities and partners to deliver projects and initiatives that will stimulate economic growth, including:
    • Working with Ambition North Wales on North Wales Growth Deal projects.
    • The Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns Programme.
    • The UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund.
    • The new Queen's Market in Rhyl, that will provide employment and a mixed-use hall offering artisan eateries, retail and events space.
    • The former North Wales Hospital in Denbigh, which will provide construction jobs and apprenticeship opportunities during the construction phase, and homes and community facilities in the long-run.
  2. Develop an economic strategy that will:
    • Grow Denbighshire’s green economy.
    • Support rural businesses.
    • Regenerate town centres.
    • Enhance our tourism offer.
  3. Provide advice and support that will:
    • Enable strong business growth and economic development.
    • Support the growth of the local social economy, including community businesses, cooperatives and social enterprises.
    • Secure local community benefits through our procurement and social partnerships.