A prosperous Denbighshire


What we want

Support economic recovery, capitalising on opportunities to enable residents to access decent employment and income. This will mean having good access to goods and services, and the county will maximise its rich cultural heritage and natural assets to support economic prosperity. We want to use economic growth as a driver to reduce inequality and poverty.

What we aim to do:

  1. Work collaboratively with communities and partners to deliver projects and initiatives that will stimulate economic growth, including:
    • Working with Ambition North Wales on North Wales Growth Deal projects.
    • The Welsh Government’s Transforming Towns Programme.
    • The UK Government’s Levelling Up Fund.
    • The new Queen's Market in Rhyl, which will provide employment and a mixed-use hall offering artisan eateries, retail, and events space.
    • The former North Wales Hospital in Denbigh, which will provide construction jobs and apprenticeship opportunities during the construction phase, and homes and community facilities in the long-run.
  2. Develop an economic strategy that will:
    • Grow Denbighshire’s green economy.
    • Support rural businesses.
    • Regenerate town centres.
    • Enhance our tourism offer.
    • Promoting Denbighshire’s rich culture and heritage.
    • Making the best use of our great natural assets, including the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), and the newly proposed National Park.
  3. Work in partnership to support an economy that promotes fair work, justice, and socially responsible public procurement, benefitting the local supply chain and local communities.*
  4. Support access to education, employment, services, goods, and activities by:
    • Maintaining a safe road network throughout the county.
    • Replace Llanerch Bridge, in partnership with Welsh Government.
    • Promoting options and solutions for improved internet connectivity where they are available.
    • Improve transport services in Denbighshire’s communities, working through the regional body, and within the context of the Wales Transport Strategy.

* Equality Objectives.