A healthier and happier, caring Denbighshire


What we want

Promote the safety, resilience and well-being of communities, and people of all ages, using strong community networks and social infrastructure that enables people to live safely, happily, independently, and receive support when needed. This includes promoting the diversity and cohesion of our communities and reducing inequality and deprivation. Everyone should also be able to access services naturally in Welsh.

What we aim to do:

  1. Ensure that the council’s social care offer is of a high standard, which includes:
    • Promoting a strong culture of safeguarding children, young people, and adults in the county.
    • Providing the best possible care and support through our Corporate Parenting role.
    • Supporting those with additional learning or complex needs.
    • Working with partners to enhance support and respite for carers of all ages.
    • Ensuring everyone can access services through the Welsh language naturally, and at all stages in their lives.
  2. Support the well-being, mental-health, and resilience of individuals within communities by:
    • Ensuring access to the right information, advice, and assistance through our Single Point of Access (SPoA), Community Navigator, and Library Services.
    • Encouraging communities to be age-friendly, intergenerational, and inclusive, reducing isolation and loneliness.*
  3. Promote personal and community well-being by:
    • Supporting volunteering and projects from grassroots organisations to develop community and personal skills in local places.
    • Investing in capacity building and support for community leadership and groups, such as to help with cost-of-living pressures.
    • Developing community engagement schemes to support community involvement and decision-making in local regeneration.
    • Support the broader use of Welsh and the celebration of Welsh culture in the community, including workplace settings.
    • Delivering an improved and sustainable archive service for North East Wales.
  4. Foster community cohesion by ensuring people are protected from harm, abuse, and exploitation. This includes:
    • Working to reduce domestic abuse.*
    • Tackling anti-social behaviour.
  5. Continue to support and resettle refugees through the UK Global Resettlement Scheme, in support of Wales’ declaration to be a Nation of Sanctuary.*

* Equality Objectives.