A learning and growing Denbighshire

What we want

Support the provision of quality learning and training that enables people of all ages to fulfil their potential, both personally and professionally.

What we aim to do:

  1. Promote the learning and development of our children and young people by:
    • Enhancing the help and advice available to parents.
    • Supporting early years child development.
    • Working with schools and GwE, our school improvement partner, to support high standards of education provision that removes barriers to learning and leads to good attainment.
    • Supporting Schools to deliver against new standards, such as the Welsh in Education Strategic Plan, the new curriculum for Wales, and the Additional Learning Needs code.*
    • Providing high quality buildings and facilities, working in partnership with Welsh Government’s Sustainable Communities for Learning Programme.
  2. Support schools to transition to being Community-Focussed Schools, providing a range of services and activities to help meet the needs of pupils, their families, and the wider community.
  3. Work with partners (including colleges and universities) to ensure that people of all ages, including those who are vulnerable or in our care, are resilient and prepared for employment, further education, or training, supported by:
    • The right opportunities for work.
    • Access to quality volunteering, work experience and apprenticeship opportunities.*
    • Personal and professional learning (e.g. life skills or ‘green skills’).
    • A strong extra-curricular offer available to young people through our Youth Service provision.

*Equality Objectives.